Who's doing Yoga

Yoga isn't a practice that applies to one type of person; it is a practice that invites all people to share in one common idea. To honor the body that carries our spirit around the marvelous earth. The practice opens up the heart, clears the mind, and renews the spirit. Being a person is sharing who you are and the things you do with other people. Being "just the way you are" is your special gift to others.

Scott Logan

A long time Division Leader of FEMA, Scott Logan puts in as many as 80+ hours a week depending on the nations status for disaster relief. How does he keep up with this schedule? Yoga three times a week. Scott Logan can do a traditional yoga backbend. Yoga has strenghtened his muscles, improved his heart, and lowered his cholesterol as stated by his primary care physician who stated "what ever you are doing, keep doing it".

Yvonne Moss

Yvonne Moss has Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, and as you can see still does her downward facing dog pose in her regular Monday yoga class at the Englewood Recreation Center. Yvonne loves her yoga and loves the opportunity to work her muscles without the irritation of heat to the nervous system. It helps her with her flexibility and focus of mind. Yvonne feels that yoga helps to maintain her independence and it also allows her to continue her talents in Watercolor painting.

Jean Anderson

Jean Anderson is a professional Nanny who loves children and gives so much love in raising her young charges. And when they do their first downward dog, she shares the excitement in her yoga class as the toddlers embrace the form of yoga from their natural instinct.

Jim is Retired

Jim is retired and has been active in yoga to address knee issues. With some recommendations on oiling the knees with a yoga special Knee Oil and yoga, the pain and limitation of the knees are diminishing. The knees are becoming more flexible and it is easier to do other activities now.

Hiroshi Okawa

Boxer/Assistant Trainer in Denver is always looking for great cross-training to improve skill and knowledge about my favorite sport of Boxing. Yoga helps with the physical aspect of training, but also the mental aspect of training. Helps to improve my focus skill for concentration for my life as a whole.

Yolanta and Her Daughter

Yolanta is a Real Estate Agent in Denver Metro area. She comes to yoga with her daughter to have quality time and to relieve stress from the fast pace busy market. They have been a yoga team for several years and looks like they have alot of fun in their yoga class.

Carol, Amanda, and Denise

Carol works as an RPG programmer, Amanda as a Technical Specialist for Sybase, and Denise is a Technical Support Engineer with Qwest. These gals put in long and confined hours to deliver expertise in their technical fields. Yoga is a stress reliever and takes the tightness out of the body after long hours at work.

Dr. Lawrence Willis

Dr. Lawrence Willis is still practicing at 82 years old and loves what he does with no intention of retiring. Dr. Dorall is working with Dr. Willis to address Neuropathy in his legs and yoga is now a part of his activities to improve this condition. And it is working well with feeling returning back into the toes. The movements in yoga are really helping with the whole body as well as the feet and toes. "I intend to stick with it" states Dr. Willis.

A few of these yogini's have been in attendance for 16 years!!!

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Who's doing Yoga
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