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Heart Attack
Another Health Hero's Success

In A Heart Beat
"The tests indicate that there is an acute myocardial infraction of the interior wall," was the message I overheard from the on-duty emergency room doctor speaking to some unknown person.
I didn't know what that meant, nor what might happen next. But I did sense trouble, and that there was some urgency to my ailment. Actually, just a little over an hour before, about midnight, I woke up from a sound sleep, and was hotter than a pistol. I was sweating like a fat man in a steam bath. To cool off, I went for a little walk, and wandered down to the lobby of the hotel. As I walked across the deserted reception area, a perceptive, young and attentive receptionist, named Carol McKinley, asked, "Are you alright? You look a bit flushed." "Oh, I'm ok, just trying to cool off" I responded. Carol persisted with several more questions, and then said, "we have a good hospital, Hoag Memorial, just down the street, I'll call the bellman and he'll give you a ride". "No" I said, "that's not necessary," as she maneuvered me into the hotel's station wagon. In all the commotion, I forgot to call my wife, who was still asleep upstairs in the hotel. I really didn't think this would take more than a minute, and I shouldn't bother her for such trivial things.

Some people, who are trained in that kind of thing, can visually identify heart attachks. Within minutes after I walked into the hospital, they had me wired and ready for surgery. Within one hour, I was in the operating room, with two stents inserted into my right arterial ventrical. What a relief! The blood was flowing again like the Colorado River in the spring runoff. My pipes were cleared, but there were lingering warnings of additional problems.

The following months were filled with periods of anxiety, contemplation and that agonizing question, "why me?" I thought I was healthy, but the numbers don't lie, with cholesterol of 235, HDL - 47, and LDL at 138. Dr. Kern said those numbers had to be cut in half if I want to see my grandchildren graduate from college.

Next came the consulting sessions, and all the dreaded restrictions as to how my life was about to change. First was the "facts of life" session. Dr. Quinn said, "about 1/3 of the people who suffer a similar attack die before they get relief, 1/3 continue their conventional life style, with progressive deterioration from heart disease, and 1/3 make radical changes to their life style, resulting in a life expectancy to be similar to others in their age and overall health category.

The second session was my favorite. Tillie Davis, the slim and trim nutritionist took us to the healthy grocery store. Tillie said, "forget the fancy displays for Skippy and Peter Pan, learn to read the labels". I asked "How about an occasional hot dog and beer, with a chocolate sundae for desert?" Tillie said, "that will put you in category A above. You might want to substitute a nice glass of red wine, a petite salmon filet with coconut sherbet for desert". "Wow, that's not a bad change of life style. I'll give it a try".

So life has changed around my house and the Englewood Recreation Center, where yoga is my new exercise, and Dr. Dennie Dorall is my new coach. Who would have guessed that I don't shovel snow anymore. It's bad for the ticker. My friend, Dan Paxton had a heart attack and died when he was shoveling snow. With a winter like the snows of "06, it's a good time to stay indoors. So I'm content to sit by the fire, read a good book, or maybe, I'll even try to write one.

In retrospect, the past year has been kind of a tough one. Within six months, I attended funerals for three good friends. All three were under 65, and in good health. But two had heart attachks, and the thrid had "undetermined complications". With new medical procedures, including stents and preventive drugs, I'm wondering why some people are fortunate enought to have good health care and others miss it. Perhaps, I'm just lucky.

Whoops - my wife is calling, we have to go! I hate to get her upset - she is still wizzed because I forgot to call her before going to the hospital, Now, my grandson is graduating from grade school, and we have to get a good seat to hear his commencement speech. After all, he needs some practice, and so do we, so that we will be ready for his graduation from college.

Dr. Dennie Dorall
M.D.N.D. D.W.H.H., D.H.M., E-R.Y.T., I.A.Y.T. & Ayurvedic Practitioner
Lakewood, Colorado
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