Denver Indian Center Food Drive
Our Yoga Christmas Party
November 21st, 4:30pm-8pm
3780 S Jason and corner of Lehigh
Eagles Club, Jason entrance

We are a community and we are always working for the interest of our community, and it is a wonderful time to collect food for the Denver Indian Center for Christmas, non-parishables, all to refill their ever exhausting pantry that feeds every tribe in Denver. There is a pot luck, Great Guitarist entertainment by Jeff Wittig, and best of all, our delightful White Elephant Gift Exchange. craftvender JeffWittig Shoppers crafters

Joy Fitness through Tai Chi and Yoga for Cancer Survivors

Dr. Dennie Dorall Joy Fitness for Cancer Survivors Makes Big News Clayton Woullard of the Denver Post reported for Your Hub, Feb. 2014. Fitness Classes Help Cancer Survivors Find New Normal

Fraternal Order of Eagles
3790 S. Jason St., Englewood, CO 80110
Corner of Lehigh, west side of the Post Office, Jason side entrance. 303-989-6622

reprint Your Hub by Clayton Woullard, Feb, 2014
Susan G. Komen sponsored Lymphedema Fitness training in Breast Cancer Survivors

This class is adapted for cancer survivors and Lymphedema. Tai Chi, and a yoga mat are the tools that are used to gather energy back into the body, to address Lymphedema symptoms and create better focus between the mind and body. The end of the class works on Lymphedema drainage and yoga Savasana (resting).

Dr. Dennie Dorall, B.S. M.D.N.D. D.W.H.H., D.H.M., E-R.Y.T., Marma Chikitsa Certified & Ayurvedic Practitioner

  • Keeping life energy is the key point.
  • Focus on circulation for capillaries and lymphatic system.
  • Mind Spirit and Passion.
  • When reality hits your not alone.
  • Gathering breath for emotional stability.
  • Relaxation to let the stress go.
  • Eases Pain to the Joints
Continue your Class at the Fraternal Order of Eagles Call 303-989-6622 for more information or visit

Joy-Fitness for Cancer Survivors Class

A fitness class, that address very light weights, stretch bands, and the major muscle groups, which works within the scope of Lymphatic Drainage for the after effects of Cancer Treatments, as well as many other Auto-immune conditions and it finishes in Yoga.
This class is Fridays at the Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge, 3790 S. Jason St., 303-989-6622, from 4:00pm-5:15pm.

See the Yoga Class Schedule

CALM DOWN with Yoga & Reiki for Chronic Pain

Saturdays from 9am-10am at the Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge
3790 S. Jason st., Englewood, CO 80110
This class will integrate Vibrational Yoga and Reiki Energy with the science of Somatics to help you develop skills that can aid in chronic pain management and improve the movement of joints and muscles that are experiencing nerve pain. You will also learn how to redevelop mind to muscle connectivity. Please wear comfortable clothing. Call 303-989-6622 for more information

Christian Prayer's AT 870 S. Dover St.

Come and Pray for good health for all of us dealing with Cancer... Tuesday 10:30-11:45.
Community Corner
What is happening
Life is changing so fast, but a little yoga can keep you from getting lost in the hustle bustle of City life. Come and join this community, they are amazing people who love Englewood and give with open hearts, for that I keep my classes going in the wonderful community of Englewood.

The class at 1:15-2:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays has a therapeutic emphases to help with hip, back, knee, shoulder issues and to relieve pain, go to the schedule page for more information. Check the Schedule page for more information. This is the kind of yoga class you can whine and complain about your aches and pains...all you want.
Yoga is more then a pose, it is a sense of community, a gathering of energy, and sharing of place and time. A practice of yoga can change many things in a persons life, both physical and emotional. It brings people together, it raises confidence, and it opens the heart. Visit this website as it is filled with community, people who have yoga in common, but lots of ideas and directions to share with you. And I am excited to share some of these ideas. It is awakening of ideas that make us move forward into wisdom and peace.
Dr. Dennie Dorall
B.S. M.D.N.D. D.W.H.H., D.H.M., E-R.Y.T., I.A.Y.T. & Ayurvedic Practitioner
Lakewood, Colorado
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